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Newsletter - June/July 2024

by Noobish
8th July 2024

Hot summer for European DXers, cold winter for the DXers down under. Lots of sporadic E, and of course, news from the FMDX team!

New website launched!

by Noobish
27th May 2024


Today is a great day! We have launched our new website. It might still undergo a lot of changes, however you won’t lose any access to the content that is already available. We’re keeping everything open!

You can currently find comprehensive information about our projects and team members, we recommend you to explore everything!

Newsletter - May 2024

by Noobish
19th May 2024


Hello! It's May, what a beautiful time of the year - in spite of the lack of Sporadic E openings.

In this newsletter we will discuss some changes related to our community and the website itself, as big things are coming.

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