ESP32 DAB+ Receiver

The ESP32 DAB tuner, developed by Sjef Verhoeven (PE5PVB), is a DAB+ receiver created for the 60th VRZA Radio Camp Week 2024.

At its core, the tuner utilizes the Skyworks SI4684 receiving chip, which is equipped with an in-house DAB+ firmware. The system is managed by an ESP32 microcontroller, offering a robust and versatile control platform.

ESP32 Dab Tuner in a 3D printed case

The user interface features a color LCD screen, three push buttons, and two rotary encoders, providing an intuitive and user-friendly experience. Audio output is facilitated through two cinch connectors, complemented by a dedicated headphone output.

This tuner will also be the first available tuner worldwide with tools for remote web control, which is useful for the DX community and DAB+ operators for monitoring purposes.

The current firmware version is v1.00, with betas available on our Discord community server.

Source code β€’ More info & hardware schemas

This project was created by Sjef Verhoeven (PE5PVB).
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