ESP32 TEF FM Receiver

The ESP32 TEF6686 tuner, developed by Sjef Verhoeven (PE5PVB), is a DIY project featuring a comprehensive DSP AM/FM receiver with a TFT color screen. This project uses the ESP32 microcontroller and a high-quality TEF6686 chip. It also serves as the foundation for many Chinese pre-built tuners, which utilize the same software.

Original TEF Board Design

The default view mode on the TFT screen shows the frequency, signal strength, and RDS information. Additionally, it can display frequency deviation and the current reception bandwidth.

When it comes to FM, the tuner supports both the OIRT and CCIR bands (65-108 MHz). It also receives AM bands, including longwave, medium-wave, and shortwave broadcasting (144 kHz-27 MHz).

TEF6686 portable version example

Later on, Chinese hardware manufacturers have decided to use this open-source project to build their own tuners, which are now sold worldwide. The firmware is actively being developed by the FMDX community to this day.

The current firmware version is v2.11, with betas available on our Discord community server.

Source code β€’ More info & hardware schemas

This project was created by Sjef Verhoeven (PE5PVB).
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