We proudly present the main people behind the FMDX project, so you can get to know us more or contact us in case of questions.
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Marek Farkaš - Noobish

Marek Farkaš [🇸🇰 🇨🇿]

Marek, also known as Noobish, is the driving force behind, serving as the community manager, web developer, and FM-DX Webserver creator. With a background in graphic design & front-end development, Marek brings a diverse skill set to the project.

Committed to continuous learning and professional growth, Marek combines technical prowess with creative vision to lead and develop the community.

Sjef Verhoeven - PE5PVB

Sjef Verhoeven [🇳🇱]

Sjef, a radio amateur with the callsign PE5PVB, laid the foundation for the current firmware of the well-known TEF6686 receivers, which are sold worldwide, in 2020. The software is continuously being developed and expanded with ideas from the Discord community. Additionally, he designs various hardware for amateur radio bands and DX reception.

Thanks to his professional involvement in the development and market readiness of consumer electronics for radio and TV reception, Sjef applies this experience to his designs.
He aims to achieve an optimal balance between user-friendliness, optimal functionality, and the graphical appearance of the hobby products he creates.

Ester Vlčková - Aurie

Ester Vlčková [🇨🇿]

Ester Vlčková, also known as Aurie, is one of the founders and the community manager of OpenRadio. Passionate about radio, she actively engages with our community, sharing her catches and participating in discussions.

She's also the one in charge of the community Discord server, ensuring that everything works properly. Her goal is to maintain an inclusive and safe environment where everyone feels welcome and valued.