FM-DX Webserver

FM-DX Webserver, an innovative project by Marek Farkaš (Noobish), enables users to remotely connect to other users’ receivers and explore their frequency bands as if they were on-site.

A server map is available at, where you can view all the public servers hosted by community members. Connecting to a remote server is straightforward: simply click on a server and navigate to the "Connect" button on the right side of the screen.

FMDX Server List

FM-DX Webserver features an intuitive user interface and a variety of useful tools, including a built-in audio stream, a comprehensive admin panel and a chat window. An integrated algorithm automatically displays key transmitter information based on PI codes and RDS data.

For those interested in further customization, the community offers a selection of user-made widgets, including station logos, custom UI elements or weather.

Webserver UI

To host your own server, you need a compatible receiver, a computer, and a public IP address (alternatively, this can be bypassed using a tunnel).

One of the key advantages of FM-DX Webserver is its browser-based functionality, allowing you to tune in from any modern device, including smartphones and tablets. The software is cross-platform, supporting both Windows and Linux operating systems.

Setup Info

This project was created by Marek Farkaš (Noobish) & the FMDX community.
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