XDR-GTK is a versatile, cross-platform application developed by Konrad Kosmatka (kkonradpl) and Mateusz Walkowiak (Hyper DX). Designed for use with the XDR-F1HD radio tuner equipped with the XDR-I2C modification, it also supports TEF-6686 tuners. The software provides a lightweight, user-friendly interface and a variety of features: it decodes basic RDS elements, allows users to adjust the bandwidth, and set the AGC level.

FMDX Server List

XDR-GTK also includes some more advanced functionalities. These are, for example, spectral scan and antenna pattern measurement. Additionally, it can be easily integrated with RDS Spy over TCP/IP for more detailed RDS decoding.

The latest version is: v1.2

Webserver UI

One of the standout features of XDR-GTK is its cross-platform compatibility, enabling usage on both Windows and Linux operating systems.

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This project was created by Konrad Kosmatka (kkonradpl).
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