Newsletter - May 2024

by Noobish
19th May 2024


Hello! It's May, what a beautiful time of the year - in spite of the lack of Sporadic E openings.
During this month, many amazing things have happened, which will help the FMDX community progress forward. Let's get through them!

FMLIST Discussion

Over the last few days, some of you might have noticed, that many members directly related to FMLIST have joined our Discord community server, we welcome them here! With them joining, this was historically the first time where we, as a community, could have direct discussion with the project maintainers - thanks to this, they received tons of feedback, which I hope will make them improve their project and that the concerns of DXers will be addressed.

I would like to thank everyone for keeping the discussion civil & polite. After this conversation, two new channels have been created - #fmlist and #fmscan.
In these channels, FMLIST members will actively listen to your feedback & suggestions - I believe this will help everyone in the community.

Website news

We have ordered a domain and we are working on the entire server / hosting structure at this time. At the time of writing the original newsletter, this website wasn't available, but here we are. You're reading this, that's amazing!

Project news

OpenRadio collaborative projects

• Active development on our Headless TEF Receiver (a TEF receiver with a built-in sound card & antenna switch) is progressing further. We have ordered hardware for testing and it looks amazing! We will keep you updated with more info in the near future.

Sjef's projects

• ESP32 v1 firmware is very close to stable v2.10 release, which brings many new features, better compatibility with FM-DX Webserver and bugfixes. Release candidate versions are being released almost daily, feel free to download them by joining our Discord community server.

Other projects also got minor changes, I recommend checking #updates channel of every category to see more.

OpenRadio Logo

If you have any feedback (positive or negative), please let us know through our Discord server or via e-mail to founders! We will see you next month with more amazing news.

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